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Why switch to e-invoicing

The electronic invoice is an official financial document that is accepted by all institutions. Users receive their account in their e-mail as soon as it is issued. A significant advantage is the lack of access of other persons to the document. Archiving is also easy and secure. Last but not least, the introduction of this practice contributes to the protection of nature and saves resources such as wood, water, energy and others.

How to switch to e-invoicing

Can be filed online at Applications are also accepted in the office of the company - Borovo, 23 Yastrebets Street or in the customer service centers of the company.
You can also submit an application for e-invoice from Toplofikacia Sofia EAD and other utility companies in Easypay. There you receive a form on which the customer numbers and the respective suppliers will automatically appear. The user fills in only his personal data and indicates from which service providers he would like to receive an electronic invoice. Subsequently, the application is distributed and processed internally by each of the utility companies, according to individual procedures.
check customers also have the opportunity online to request electronic invoices from Toplofikacia Sofia EAD through their account.

Processing and entering the application takes about a week.

How we receive our e-invoice

On the e-mail specified in the application you will receive a link for registration in the portal of You need to click on it and enter a username: the e-mail specified in the application and a password of your choice. You already have an account and can see your first e-invoice.

When the next invoice is issued, the customer receives a notification on his e-mail with a link. Accordingly, he enters through the portal of with his username and password specified during registration. There he can see his new invoice and view the previous ones, as well as download them in a printable or storage version.

How can we give up e-invoicing

The process is reversible - if someone decides to return to a paper invoice, they can do so at any time by submitting "Requests for waiver of e-invoice" to

Applications are also accepted in the office of the company - Borovo, 23 Yastrebets Street or in the customer service centers of the company, and customers must keep in mind that the applications for individuals and legal entities are different.

If you are a tenant or landlord

With an application, attached copies of the lease agreement and Notary deed of the property, the tenant can receive and pay invoices. He receives a Payer's Code and can report the amounts paid as his own expense. He is officially responsible for the payment of bills during the contract period and has the right to enter into deferred payment agreements.