About the hot water

It is important for consumers to know that the principle of paying for hot water is not based on a fixed price per quantity, but on the basis of energy to heat that quantity. Therefore, in different buildings a cubic meter of hot water can cost differently.

Customers sometimes miss the fact that usually about 30% of their bill during the winter months is coming from hot water, and can reach up to 50 percent.

The subscriber station has a control common hot water meter. It measures the total amount consumed by all consumers in the building. After reporting the legitimate individual water meters and charging the service quantities of all neighbors, they are deducted from the total quantity. However, if there is a difference, it is not distributed among all residents, but only among those without legitimate water meters or no access is provided.

If they do not have such measuring devices or do not provide access according to the acting Ordinance, they are charged an official quantity of up to 280 liters per person per day, up to 8 cubic meters per month or up to 100 cubic meters per season.