Service Issue

No hot water / heating

You can take the following steps:

1. Check if the problem is only with you property or with the neighbors.

2. If it is in the whole building, check the information about accidents and planned maintenance on the company's website or on the Facebook page.

3. If there is no information published on the site, call 0700 111 11.

4. Notify the House Manager.

5. When signaling, make sure that there is someone to meet the technician on duty for inspection. Make sure that access to the subscriber station could be provided.

6. If the problem occurs during non-working hours, you can contact the Emergency Service.

7. Keep in mind that issues within your home or the building installation are fixed by your decision and at your expense at an established rate.

1. Make sure you and other members of the household are at a safe distance from hot water.

2. In case of an accident in the home or in the building installation, notify the House Manager or the Person authorized to work in the subscriber station.

3. You can seek help from a technician of your choice or the Emergency Service of Toplofikacia Sofia EAD. Please note that this is your private property and damages can only be fixed by your decision and and at your expense. The Emergency Service performs only emergency repairs.

4. If the leak is in the subscriber station, immediately notify the House Manager / the Person designated to work with the subscriber Station, who should contact the Emergency Service.